What lurks in the shadows

August 18, 2012

This morning, one of the long lost feral kittens, Shadow reappeared. Always the loner, black as night, he stays hidden in the shadows in the woods behind our house. Today he is out in the open and has grown some – long and thin – too thin. I watch him trying to lock his claws into the fence to get back to the other side to continue his hunting. Feral cats stay starved and hunt most of the day, further depleting their resources. Watching him through the binoculars, he looks like he has been hurt, probably from fighting. As he he struggles to the top of the fence, his frail body is trembling and he almost falls, but rights himself just in time. Still shaky, he jumps back over the fence, back into the shadows. My heart bleeds for him.

I take a little food outside, approaching the fence easily and calling to him softly. He turns and looks back at me with perhaps the slightest hope for human affection, but it is too late. He doesn’t trust humans and why should he? How could they let him live like this?

Often I see nature imitating what is happening in our current reality. It makes me wonder what will happen to all the people who need the programs that are being cut today? Will they wander into the woods like abandoned cats do? Or will these people rise up against the ones who have taken their means of survival away?

These are interesting times. Most often, it is what lurks in the shadows of our minds that makes our hearts ache for what is good and fair for all forms of life. Most people don’t recognize the aching as being related to what they once abandoned or closed their hearts to. Life is like a boomerang, it all comes back around, sooner or later. Be mindful of what you throw out.

As for our feral Shadow, we haven’t given up on him yet.

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