A Flash of White

The night before last, we had an unexpected visitor in our backyard, a new kitten, all white except for the gray tip of her tail. We wondered where she came from. We had trapped Faith, the alpha female of the feral cat colony that live sin the woods behind our house. She had been spayed over nine months ago and this kitten was maybe three to four months old, if that.

This precious little one was starving and running frantically all around, looking for food. I began tossing her bits of food, crawling on my knees to get closer, hoping she would come to me so we could care for her. Such a tiny thing and she was apparently all alone. She looked up at me with those big hungry eyes and cried “mew, mew” in a sweet little voice. I spoke to her softly, encouraging her to trust me, but just as I got within a foot of her, she took off.

She ran through the chain-linked fence (she was tiny enough to fit through the chain-linked fence holes) and into the dark woods, a flash of white, maybe gone forever into the night. It was interesting that Faith had been watching her, sitting on top of the fence. I wondered if Faith had found her and brought her to us so she could be fed. Faith took off after the kitten, hopefully to protect her.

Yesterday, when we arrived home, there was a great Red-Tailed Hawk in the trees in our back yard. His piercing scream caught our attention as he dived down below the house, out of our sight. My heart prayed for the little kitten and hoped he was not after her. She didn’t come back last night and we may never see her again. It reminds me of the people who live on the streets, one day they are there and then one day they are gone. Life is hard for many and hard for me knowing that they suffer.

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