For Kayla aka Blue Gypsy Spirit Oct. 11, 1994 – Aug. 27, 2009

The day is done and it has been quite a day of disappointment, frustration and tears. My Mom used to say that if you couldn’t say anything nice, not to say anything at all, but she didn’t have a blog. I birthed this blog to spread a little light and even on the darker days like today, I will stay true to my intentions.

My dog, Kayla was such a card sometimes. She could really crack you up. Even though she was a highly intelligent Australian Shepherd, she had her goofy side as well. She used to be so inquisitive and when I didn’t “get it”, she’d turn her head left and then right and then left again as if to ask “why?”. I’d eventually have to smile.

I would say that if you want a dog to do what you tell it to do, maybe get a lab, they are such loyal companions. Aussies on the other hand are perfectly clear about what you want. They just like to see how they can turn what you want into something better.

Kayla was only three months old when I first experienced her trickster side. It was a cold January day and it was very icy outside, so we had been playing ball inside the house. After a long session of fetch in the hallway, I picked up a book to read and had a seat on the couch. Kayla wasn’t ready to stop playing (Kayla was never ready to stop playing). She kept bringing me the ball and stuffing it into my hand. I finally gave in and tossed it backwards down the hall. She was delighted, off she went and back again, ball in mouth, stuffing it into my hand. She had found yet another way to keep the game alive. This went on for a while until I got sloppy and the ball hit the bedroom door and must have rolled out of her reach. Kayla came to the couch and looked at me with those “I really need your help” eyes and cried “oooh, oooh, oooh”.

I got up to go see where the ball was. She followed me into the bedroom and went over to the end of the bed and looked under it, panting, mouth open, eyes excited, clearly letting me know “its under the bed, it’s under the bed!” I knelt down on my knees and looked under the bed to see that it was all the way under the bed, up against the wall. I crawled under the bed, got the ball, walked back to the couch, sat down and there were those “throw the ball! throw the ball!” eyes looking at me. So I did. This went on for a while, every once in a while, I would hit the bedroom door and get up and go crawl under the bed to retrieve the “lost” ball. Once, when I heard it hit the bedroom door, I was just getting ready to get something to drink anyway, so I got up and looked in the bedroom just as my precious Kayla was picking the ball up from the floor in front of the door. She put it in her mouth and walked over to the end of the bed, laid it ever so gently on the floor and kicked it under the bed with her nose. She quickly turned to run back to let me know it was “lost” under the bed. When she saw that I had seen what she had done, she quickly looked away, head down, sheepish grin, eyes looking up at me and back at the bed, like how did that happen? She still didn’t want to admit to being caught. From that day forward, I knew what I was dealing with and the fun began.

Kayla developed Chronic Immune Disease at six months of age. She had a great life, but she had a lot of health problems. One thing she taught me in her fifteen years was to keep the faith, to never give up. When you are at the bottom of the barrel, the only way out is up.

Thank you my beloved Blue Gypsy Spirit, Kayla for all your fun and love. It is three years ago today that I had to set you free. I still miss you and one day I will get to share all of your stories so you can live again in the hearts of many. Your spirit lives on in my heart forever.

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