Compassionate possum and coon’s last meal

Last night, we saw a raccoon in the back yard that was sick, he could barely get around, very shaky on his feet. I took some fruit out for him and when I got back inside, a possum had come from the woods to take the prize. Or so I thought. The little raccoon couldn’t get up on the garden wall, so the possum scooped up the fruit in his mouth and took it over to the raccoon and shared. This is an amazing act of compassion when you realize that wild animals never know where their last meal is coming from. They sat together and dined beneath the moon like two old friends. I think they probably knew it was the raccoon’s last meal. This morning, I went out to find him curled up in an old blanket down by our fence as he was unable to climb back over to go home. He looked up at me with eyes that melted my heart. He came out and began waddling around and I knew what I had to do. Yes, we had to call in for him to be caught and taken away forever from his home in the woods behind our house. Did he have a family? We do not know and even though we were told it was the right thing to do as he had signs of distemper, my heart broke as he was carried away on the end of a stick, his little paws wiping his eyes as if he were crying. I cried for him and asked St. Francis to escort him over the rainbow bridge. We were glad we didn’t chase him away and were able to give him some food and a safe place and a death that would be less painful had he been left on his own. We have lots of animals come to our back yard sanctuary to die, crows, birds, squirrels and now a raccoon. Nature never stops amazing or humbling me. If only people could be as tender with each other when they know someone is in need. A little kindness, a little food and a little compassion go a long way.