LITE is dedicated to Kayla aka Blue Gypsy Spirit

Our beloved Blue Merle Aussie, Kayla aka Blue Gypsy Spirit experienced our final gift to her with freedom from suffering on August 27, 2009. She had a huge, fun life despite her Chronic Immune Disease and many health challenges. We chose the Holistic route in caring for her with both a Traditional Vet for diagnosis and tests along with a Holistic Vet for homeopathy and diet consultations as well as making her dog food with custom blended herbals and flower essences along with providing her with many life-giving supplements.

If you do only 3 things for your animal, do them well:

1. Love them as unconditionally as they love you, with lots of touch

2. Feed them a natural, holistic wholesome diet (do the homework)

3. Play with them everyday – walk, hike, swim, fetch, tug and nap

We urge you to always get proper testing and diagnosis for your beloved pet, don’t assume they are not in pain as they will not always cry or whimper even when they are in severe pain or distress.

Stay tuned for more tips from the Kayla diaries